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Accident investigation program guidelines. Accident analysis tools, methods for determining causes & contributing factors of major accidents, techniques for identifying unsafe conditions and procedures. Online tutorial. Workbook for conducting accident investigations. Full text of accident investigation programs. OSHA recordkeeping.

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11 Steps to an Effective Accident Investigation Interview [pdf] [24145] ?

Materials to assist with accident investigation procedures

A Guide to Accident Investigation [8335] ?

Steps involved in investigating an accident

Updated Accident Analysis [26172] ?

Suggestions on how to analyze accident trends

Accident and Incident Investigations [pdf] [18960] ?

How to conduct an accident/incident investigation

Accident Investigation - Basics [pdf] [38839] ?

Document for training purposes

Updated Accident Investigation Guide [16109] ?

Offers advice on how to conduct accident investigations

Accident Investigation Procedure [23795] ?

Example of a safety policy related to accident investigation

Accident Investigation Procedures [3204] ?

Online tutorial on accident investigation

Accident Investigation Procedures [pdf] [27115] ?

The investigator uses most of the following investigative procedures

Accident Investigation Process [pdf] [15581] ?

Uses the scientific method research technique

Accident Investigation Program [5084] ?

Example of an accident investigation chapter from a safety program

Accident Investigation Report [pdf] [15580] ?

A sample form

Accident Investigation Solutions [26814] ?

A series of articles related to investigating accidents such as evidence preservation, interviewing tips and more

Accident Preparation and Response Tutorial [25282] ?

How to respond to workplace related accidents

Accident Response [21984] ?

What to say and do at the accident scene

Accident Tree Analysis [pdf] [1031] ?

A form using an accident tree for analysis

CA-California OSHA Accident Investigation [5036] ?

Policies and procedures used by Cal/OSHA

Car Crash Force Calculations [13415] ?

Calculations for determing the force on the driver in a car crash

Conducting an Accident Investigation [24408] ?

An incident investigation is a systematic effort to determine the answer to six key questions

EPA/OSHA Joint Chemical Accident Investigation Report [21596] ?

An example of the EPA/OSHA accident investigation program

Updated EPA/OSHA Joint Chemical Accident Investigation Report [20723] ?

The memorandum of understanding between EPA and OSHA

Evidence Evaluation Matrix Analysis [26815] ?

How to use a matrix to prove and substantiate the findings of an accident investigation

Eyewitnesses and Other Sources of Accident Data [24409] ?

Looks at the “who” and the “what” of the accident investigation

Fault Tree Analysis [pdf] [25953] ?

Explains the basics of Fault Tree Analysis

Incident Investigation [24407] ?

The incident investigation is one tool to assess failure on construction projects

Incident Investigation Basics [23670] ?

Includes a sample WC accident investigation report form

Incident Investigation: Rethinking the Chain of Events Analogy [24770] ?

The logic behind the chain may be its weakest link

Investigating Accidents [13384] ?

How to find out what really happened - training outline

Investigation of Incidents, Accidents and Injuries [pdf] [19409] ?

Examples of standard operating procedures for investigating and reporting accidents & incidents

Job Hazard Analysis FAQ [8334] ?

Basics of job hazard analysis process with sample forms

Updated Job Hazard Analysis Form Completion Method [16104] ?

Uses a sample completed job hazard analysis form to explain the principles

Job Safety Analysis & Task Training [pdf] [25940] ?

Guidance document

JSA: Job Safety Analysis Procedures [pdf] [25939] ?

How to conduct a job safety analysis

Learning from Safety Failure [18784] ?

10 point prompt list

Loss Prevention Review Team Program [23145] ?

Guidelines in effect for the State of Washington's state government agencies

MORT: Management Oversight & Risk Tree [1029] ?

MORT User's Manual and Chart

Ontario, Canada: Accident Reporting & Investigating [17000] ?

Find out more about reporting and investigating situations in your workplace

Operational Risk Management Steps [pdf] [26290] ?

Risk assessment decision-making process manual

Updated OSHA Standards on Accident Investigation [22423] ?

OSHA materials on accident investigation standards

Policies and Procedures for Investigating and Reporting Accidents [11248] ?

Example of a sample policy statement regarding accident investigation and reporting

Root Cause Accident Analysis [18772] ?

Forms and checklists to assist with analysis

Solving Accident Investigation Problems [24780] ?

Improve your accident investigation program

Supervising Accident Repeaters [18783] ?

Sample guidance

Supervisor's Accident Report [pdf] [26819] ?

A sample form

The Problem with Accident Investigations [26508] ?

To understand accidents at work we should view them from a systems perspective

US Army Accident Investigation & Reporting [pdf] [16783] ?

Instructions in collecting accident data, analyzing and processing accident data

Workplace Accident and Injury Reports [pdf] [39857] ?

Example of an accident investigation program related to injuries in the workplace

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