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Ready-to-use sample policy statements related to human resources - some are fill-in-the-blank

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AIDS Sample Workplace Policy [29860] ?

Example of a company's policy that is designed to address the issue of HIV and AIDS in the workplace

Alcohol and Drug Abuse Policy [25004] ?

The following is a sample company alcohol and drug abuse policy

Animal Control on Campus [19904] ?

Full text of policies and procedures related to pet control on campus

Campus Alcohol & Substance Abuse Prevention Guidelines [2358] ?

To prevent substance abuse on campus

Drug and Alcohol Abuse Sample Corporate Policy [25010] ?

Fill-in-the-blank sample drug policy

Drug-Free Substance Abuse Policies [20394] ?

Sample policies and advice on creating a drug free workplace

Drug-Free Workplace Policy [8947] ?

Example of a university's drug-free workplace policy

Drug-Free Workplace Policy for Small Business [pdf] [23673] ?

Full text of a sample drug policy for small business

Drug-Free Workplace Policy for University Staff [21824] ?

Text of a university's drug free workplace policy

Drug-Free Workplace Sample Policy [23643] ?

A sample generic policy that can be altered to suit your needs

Emergency Evacuation Plan Template [24291] ?

Text of a template for emergency evacuations

Emergency Procedures Policy [pdf] [29867] ?

Sample emergency procedures

Employee Conduct Sample Policy [26604] ?

Example regarding minimum standards of conduct among employees

Employee Conduct Work Rules [pdf] [29864] ?

A sample policy

Employee Discipline Policy [pdf] [29863] ?

Example of an employee discipline policy

Employee Records Policy [23556] ?

Example of an employee files policy in use by a major university

Employment Manual Outline [32667] ?

Template outline to help you create an employee handbook in MS Word 2003 format

First Aid Policy [pdf] [16509] ?

Full text of a sample first aid policy

Human Subjects Research Policy [8953] ?

Example of a policy on human subjects in research

Model Policy for Sexual Harassment [21983] ?

Fill in the blank model sexual harassment policy

OH-Ohio Drug-Free Workforce Policy Kit [9798] ?

Kit with guidelines, sample policy, checklist, consent forms, etc.

OH-Ohio Drug-Free Workplace Policy Template [pdf] [1912] ?

A sample employer drug free workplace policy and procedures produced by the State of Ohio

Privacy and Employee Monitoring Policy [11106] ?

FAQ on workplace privacy protections

Recruiting Policy [29870] ?

Sample policy statement that includes employee referral program and employment of relatives

Safety Policy Example [27933] ?

Guidance on created a corporate safety policy statement that inclues a sample safety policy

Safety Policy Sample [pdf] [20141] ?

Contains the essential elements of a safety policy

Sample Attendance Policy [pdf] [29865] ?

A sample policy

Sample Fragrance-Free Policy [24274] ?

Example of suggested policy language

Sample HR Policies [32063] ?

A variety of templates for polices for human resources

Sample Nonprofit Personnel Policies [32064] ?

A variety of sample human resources polices for nonprofits

Sample Personnel Policies - Local Government [20861] ?

These samples are for the principal use of cities, towns and counties

Sample Substance Abuse Policy [pdf] [12217] ?

Example of an employer substance abuse policy

Sample Substance Abuse Policy [pdf] [12383] ?

Example of a sample substance abuse program and guidance

Sample Telework Policy and Agreement [3599] ?

A sample telework plan

Sexual Harassment Policy Statement [pdf] [27541] ?

Example of a company policy statement

Smokefree Workplace Model Policy [5138] ?

Model policy for a smokefree workplace

Smoking Policy [29866] ?

A sample workplace smoking policy

Updated Substance Abuse Policy Model [19151] ?

Model policy you can adapt to your needs

Telework - Checkout List [23500] ?

Designed to ensure that your telecommuting employee is properly oriented to the policies and procedures

Telework Program [3597] ?

Materials to help you set up a telework program, including sample telework policy

Time-Off Policy [11109] ?

A sample for policy for paid time off

Travel Policy [29869] ?

Samply employee handbook travel policy

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