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Full text of employee handbooks in use by universities and others that include general policies & procedures and employee benefits. Guidelines on when to have a handbook and what should be included in employee handbooks and procedure manuals. Administrative handbooks. Faculty handbooks. Policy manuals. Operations manuals. Retiree benefits handbooks.

24 Resources
Department of Defense Civilian Personnel Manual [2546] ?

Full text of a personnel manual used by the US Dept of Defense for civilian employees

Employee Handbook & Guidelines [29871] ?

A sample handbook

Employee Handbook - What to include [32073] ?

Includes a template

Employee Handbook Auditing Checklist [4081] ?

Used for auditing employee handbooks

Employee Handbook Policies & Procedures [29872] ?

A sample handbook for small business

Employee Handbooks [2035] ?

Guidelines on employee handbooks and their uses, plus general work policies

Faculty Handbook [21823] ?

Full text of a faculty handbook in use by a major university

Handbook on Alternative Work Schedules [10851] ?

Provides a framework for US Federal agencies to consult in establishing alternative work schedules

Handbooks and Procedure Manuals [9046] ?

Full text of a series of handbooks, policy & procedure manuals for faculty and students

HR Policy Manual [21899] ?

Example of a state's manual for human resources policies

Human Resources Policy Manuals [8309] ?

Text of a university's HR manuals

Updated Key Components to an Employee Handbook [30035] ?

Guidance to consider when developing an effective employee handbook

Middlebury College Handbook [9594] ?

Full text of the college's handbook currently in use

Sample Employee Handbook [pdf] [1917] ?

Sample employee manual for nonprofits

Sample Employee Handbook [21562] ?

Full text of a sample handbook for employees

Staff Employee Handbook [pdf] [32066] ?

Example of an employee handbook in use at a major university

Staff Handbook [8318] ?

Text of a faculty staff handbook

Staff Manual: Church [5131] ?

Full text of the human resources staff manual for a church

Staff Personnel Policies and Procedures Manual [8425] ?

Full text of a university's human resources manual

Student Handbook [8317] ?

Full text of a university's student handbook

University Faculty Handbook [32069] ?

Example of a faculty handbook in use at a major university

VA-Virginia Faculty Handbook [16900] ?

Handbook for a state university

What to Include in an Employee Handbook [32075] ?

A list of items to consider including

Writing an Employee Handbook [29852] ?

Guidance when drafting or revising an employee handbook

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