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Human resources costs related to employee turnover, hiring, absenteeism, etc.

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Bad Hire Calculator [35004] ?

Calculate how much a bad hire can cost you

Bad Hire Calculator [31577] ?

Calculates how much a bad hire can cost an organization

Business Costs of Problem Drinking [31585] ?

A methodology for calculating industry-specific business costs of problem drinking

Business Safety Incident Calculation Worksheet [pdf] [31581] ?

To assist in calculating the anticipated and unexpected costs associated with a workplace safety incident

Cost Per Hire Standard [pdf] [31586] ?

An explanation of the ANSI standard

Employee Cost-of-Turnover Calculations [pdf] [31576] ?

How to calculate the cost of employee turnover

Employee Turnover Cost Calculator [31578] ?

Assists in calculating the anticipated and unexpected costs associated with hiring a new employee

Employee Turnover Cost Worksheet [31582] ?

Use This Turnover Calculator

Employee Turnover Costs Calculator [31569] ?

Use this worksheet to calculate turnover costs

Hiring ROI Calculator [31529] ?

Automating hiring tasks provides significant time and cost savings as demonstrated in the ROI Model

HR Cost Calculator [31566] ?

Learn how much your Human Resources practices are really costing you

Meeting Cost Calculator [35003] ?

You'll need the total (or your estimate) of the salaries paid to the meeting participants

NC-North Carolina Take Home Pay Calculator [31567] ?

An estimate of your net income based upon criteria that you provide

Recruiting Cost Ratio Formula [31571] ?

The calculation for the metric is described here

Recruitment Costs [31584] ?

Recruitment cost is the total amount spent to recruit a person starting from the job posting to joining the employer

Salary Per Day, Hour, Minute and Second Calculator [31574] ?

How much your salary presently gives you every ongoing day, hour, minute or second

Updated Sample HR Metrics [31568] ?

A series of metrics for a human resources department

The Cost of Hiring [31520] ?

An infographic

True Employee Costs [pdf] [35002] ?

How to calculate your true employee costs

United Kingdom: Employee Absence Cost Calculator [31522] ?

How much it costs your business

Updated Workplace Injury Cost Calculator Worksheet [31579] ?

Helps to identify actual costs related to a workplace injury

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