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Explanations of Medical Savings Accounts with real life examples. Directory of health insurance carriers who provide Medical Savings Accounts. Articles on MSAs: legislative action, private sector plans, Medicare, guidelines, taxes, etc. A model for a cafeteria plan-wrapped MSA program.

14 Resources
Flexible Spending Arrangements (FSAs) [29983] ?

Understanding an FSA

Health Savings Accounts [802] ?

Explains the basics about health savings accounts

Health Savings Accounts [8495] ?

General rules on Health Savings Accounts

Health Savings Accounts Tax Guidance [26600] ?

Guidance from the US Internal Revenue Service

HSA Risks and Benefits [29071] ?

Employees may be reluctant to take on much risk

HSA: Health Savings Can Be Tax Shelter [24829] ?

Can build tax-sheltered nest eggs to cover out-of-pocket medical costs

HSAs May Not Deliver Company Savings [29061] ?

Study says HSAs may not provide the medical spending relief some executives expect

Info on Health Savings Accounts [24827] ?

Is the tax-free HSA for you?

IRS & Health Savings Accounts [8482] ?

IRS federal requirements for Health Savings Accounts

IRS - HSAs, MSAs, FSAs, HRAs [28458] ?

Information from the Internal Revenue Service on each type of health coverage

IRS and Health Savings Accounts [24828] ?

Guidance and forms from the US Internal Revenue Service

Making Sense of the Health Savings Accounts [13730] ?

An IRA for Medical Expenses

The Case Against HSAs [29064] ?

HSAs can be a plus on balance sheets but a minus on medical charts, say critics

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Health Benefits / Health Insurance
Disability insurance, health insurance, etc.

Health Benefits / Health Savings Accounts
Resources related to Medical Savings Accounts (MSAs)

US Labor Laws / ERISA Regulations
Full text of US ERISA laws (Employee Retirement Income Security Act)

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